Check Recall Status

IMPORTANT - You must put the F and the next five numbers of the model number.  If you do not, the search will not be valid.


The model number and date of manufacture can be found on a label similar to the photo below:

This label can be found on the inside face of the bottom rail of the head or foot of the crib (end assemblies).
In the event you cannot find this information as explained, look underneath the crib, or lay the crib over onto its fixed side (non drop side). The label should be visible.

If no label is found, please look at all bottom edges of the crib assemblies. The model number may be stamped here if it is an older model.


Cribs Subject to Recall

Child Craft Crib Model F36101
Even though the instructions for the Child Craft F36101 crib clearly outline the proper assembly methods, it has been determined that an error can be made that would put this product out of compliance with standards and present a potentially hazardous situation for children.

If you have one of these cribs, please check the original assembly instructions immediately to ensure that it is assembled properly (click here to print a copy). Foundations is offering owners of these cribs a supplemental instruction packet and sticker kit that allows you to properly label the bottom and the top of the parts in question to avoid confusion when assembling. You may determine if your crib is subject to this recall by entering your model number and date of manufacture in the product search below.

The Hazard
The CPSC has identified a possible strangulation hazard existing on model number F36101 related to improper assembly by the consumer. If the crib is assembled improperly, the crib has the potential to cause serious injury or death and should be corrected immediately. Click here to download an instruction sheet that will assist you in determining if your crib is assembled correctly.

If you own one of these cribs and follow the instructions and terms on this website, Foundations will send out a supplemental instruction sheet and sticker kit to allow you to make sure that your crib is properly assembled and safe for use. Please reassemble the crib according to the instructions if the crib is not assembled according to the supplemental instruction.  Please also be sure to apply the labels as instructed.

Child Craft Drop-Side Cribs
The drop-side recalled cribs encompass a range of different models, and none of them were designed or manufactured by Foundations. Foundations has no ability to design or offer a retrofit kit, replacement part, or any other mechanical remedy for the recalled cribs. Foundations  was offering all current owners of recalled drop-side cribs a manufacturer rebate on the purchase of a new Child Craft fixed-side crib that has been manufactured by Foundations. The rebate program lasted through December 31, 2010 and is now over.

For more information regarding recalls please go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at